Pastors & Staff

Matt & Shannon Ford

Head Pastor

Pastor Matthew Ford is the lead pastor at Restoration City Church. Matt and his with Shannon planted RCC in Hampton, GA, 10+ years ago and continue to serve their church and community by building up disciples and teaching the Word of the Lord. They live in Hampton with their son and two daughters. 

Blake Dye

Worship Leader & Deacon

Blake Dye leads our Worship Team and our Tech Team. He is responsible for leading & teaching our Worship Team how to encourage members to glorify the Lord in song. If you are interested in auditioning for the worship team to sing or play an instrument, please get in touch with Blake! 

Kate Montague

Children's Ministry Leader & Deacon 

Kate Montague leads RCC's Children's Ministry. Kate is responsible for providing safe, gospel-centered childcare for our youngest church members. While you are listening to the sermon, your children will also be learning about Jesus. She also leads an annual VBS for our children and the community along with several other fun events. Kate lives in Stockbridge and is married to Zach Montague who is also a deacon here at RCC. If you are interested in learning more about our Children's Ministry or volunteering to serve in this ministry, contact Kate to get started. 

Jeremy LeMahieu

Community Groups Ministry Leader & Deacon 

Jeremy LeMahieu is over our Community Groups Ministry. He equips & supports our Community Group Leaders so they can create safe, inviting spaces for members to share their lives and grow in the Word together. Jeremy lives in Stockbridge with his wife Mary and their four boys. If you are a member and are interested in joining a community group or becoming a Group Leader, please speak with Jeremy to begin! 

Dustin & Heather Turpin

Youth Ministry Leaders 

Dustin & Heather Turpin lead our Teen Ministry. It's important for our teens feel that RCC is their church too. Dustin and Heather meet with teens from our church and their friends regularly to talk about what we learn in the sermon, what they experience in this unique time of their lives, and about the questions they have about God. Dustin & Heather live in Milner with their daughter and two boys, and they also lead a weekly Community Group on Fridays at 7pm. If you are interested in signing your teen up for Youth or volunteering, please get in touch with them! 

Kimberly Terrell

Church Administrator

Kimberly Terrell is one of RCC's Administrative personnel and is responsible for looking after our church's protocols, finances, and helping our Ministry Team Leaders stay organized. Kimberly lives in Stockbridge with her mother and brother. If you are interested in learning more about our administrative team, please contact Kimberly for more information on our needs.  

Christian Wall

Elder Candidate & Marketing Ministry Leader 

Christian Wall is our head Graphic Designer at Restoration City Church and is in the process of completing his Elder Candidacy. Christian acts as RCC's Administrative Elder Candidate and is responsible for organizing Ministry Team Leader Meetings among other organizational tasks among leaders. He also leads a Community Group on Sundays at 4pm with his wife Maiya. Christian and Maiya live in Hampton with their son. 

Stuart McGinnis

Elder Candidate & Missions Ministry Leader

Stewart McGinnis is in the process of completing his Elder Candidacy and leads our Missions Ministry. He is currently leading our body in supporting a church in Gautamala called Casa De Libertaid and has frequently visiting them with some of our church members to spend time loving and helping them do the same things we are trying to do - which is grow the kingdom! Stewart lives in Stockbridge with his wife Katie with their Daughter, and leads a Community Group on Tuesdays at 6:30pm. 

Katie McGinnis

Church Administrator & Deacon

Katie McGinnis is one of RCC's Administrators primarily in handling our finances. Katie lives in Stockbridge with her husband Stewart McGinnis. In addition to leading a Community Group on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm, she leads a monthly women's gathering to provide another place for fellowship and bible study. 

Bobbi Ford

Community Group Leader & Deacon

Bobbi Ford is a Deacon at RCC and serves our church in several ways. Bobbi leads a weekly community group in her home on Thursday nights at 11:30am and periodically leads a women's bible study for our members and guests. She also leads several women's events throughout the year that are open to members and nonmembers such as our annual Women's Christmas Party. 

Jeremy & Erica Delk

Community Group Leaders

Jeremy & Erica Delk serve RCC by leading a weekly Community Group. If you are interested in joining Jeremy & Erica's Community Group on Wednesdays at 7pm.